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Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross

Crosier Spirituality
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Below are official documents, as well as books and articles, related to the Spirituality of the Crosiers.

A Crosier Religious at Solemn Profession: A General Profile
  • The Crosier Profile is our endeavor as the Order of the Holy Cross to seriously describe and present our particular consecration to live for God alone, and that in Crosier fraternity. The Crosier profile sketches and highlights the foremost features of what we want to see reflected in our members as they present themselves for solemn profession and dedication to God in the Order of the Holy Cross.

Crosier Spirituality by Dr. M. Vinken OSC
  • Dr. M. Vinken osc wrote this synthesis of the spirituality of the Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross. Translation into English by Bernard van Gils osc. Photocopy.

The Rule of Augustine in the Crosier Order by C. van Dal OSC
  • "The Rule of Saint Augustine in the History of the Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross" by C. P. H. van Dal, OSC. This document was first published in volumes 38, 39, and 40 of Clairlieu, a European Crosier publication, in 1980, 1981, and 1982. L. Fransen of Brazil and James Remmerswaal, OSC, provided the translation from Dutch to English.

Vestis Nuptialis by Petrus Pincharius OSC
  • An English Translation from Latin. Vestis Nuptialis was written by Crosier Prior General of the 14th century, Petrus Pincharius. This is the first translation into English from the original Latin. At the beginning of Part One, Pincharius explains the meaning of his title. The fall of our first parents stripped us of our innocence and clothed us in wickedness. Those who have been called from among the few to a more holy, religious life ought to strive to adorn their souls to spouses for God and fit for the heavenly wedding feast of the Lamb. Christ came clothed in the ragged tunic of fallen humanity in order that (like the Good Samaritan) he might clothe humanity with his own heavenly garments. Therefore, Crosier must leave behind the deceitful, empty world and clothe his soul as God’s betrothed. For Pincharius, the habit of the Crosier is his nuptial garment reminds him of his commitment to do just that.