CrosiersCanons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross

Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross

Crosier Liturgy
Documents and other Resources

Below are official documents, as well as books and articles, related to the liturgy of the Crosiers.

Crosier 2015 Ordo
  • The current liturgical ordo and calendar of the Crosier Order.

Crosier Conventual Eucharist
  • Conventual Eucharist Study with discussion questions for Community Chapters. Also includes an introductory letter by the master general.

Crosier Missal 2013
  • A provisional revision in English of the propers for feasts and commemorations of the Crosier Order. As provisional texts, they have ecclesial approbation for use in the conventual liturgy of the Order. The Generalate requests that communities submit responses, changes, and corrections of the texts for final revision.